Individual manufacturing

Individual manufacturing

Individual manufacturing




Could there be anything better than carrying your child in a cloth made for this purpose with love and passion by hand? The bond between parent and child is probably never as close as in the first months of life. We would like to support this time with our individually made baby slings. Here is a brief overview of the steps that take place when a cloth is made.


Before weaving, we create a mockup, a design in which we record and implement the individual color wishes. As a basis for this design, we usually get a description or an inspirational image, from which we can get an idea of your wishes.

Weaves and Colors

We can simulate any pattern, whether jacquard pattern or shaft pattern, in advance. At the same time, the weft colors can be reproduced relatively accurately, so that we can take a pretty realistic picture of the finished tissue via screenshots. Weave, weft and weft color can always be chosen freely, even if several wraps are woven together in a warp.

Custom sizes

We distinguish in three custom sizes, for which different prices apply:

  • OOAK = Only one of a kind
  • TOAK = Two of a kind
  • 10-20 meter warps = usually more than two wraps (the 20 meters do not necessarily have to be fully reached)

Work on the loom

We document the entire working process from winding the warp spools to the finished cloth with photos and also live videos that we provide via Facebook. We are in close contact with our customers during the whole time of production and can flexibly make even small changes at the last minute.

Order a cloth

To order a cloth, just call (+49 (0) 9471 6050977), send an e-mail (info(at) or a message via Facebook. We'll see when an appointment is free. With a lead time of at least 4 - 6 weeks to completion, it must be reckoned with due to the many preparatory work.


The payment for our work is usually made in advance. In order to secure ourselves against losses, we charge a flat processing fee of 100, - EUR before the creation of mockup and other order details. This fee can not be refunded in case of cancellation of the order if we have already delivered design results. After the mockup is ready, all other details have been agreed and the order has been received by us via the order form, a first installment amounting to 50% of the order volume will be invoiced, in which the 100, - EUR processing fee will be charged. The rest of the payment will be made when the cloth is ready for shipping. Our prices are gross, so include 19% VAT. This does not apply to exports to countries outside the EU. Here, instead of VAT different levels of customs costs incurred.


We ship nationally and internationally as a package.